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192 Probes Test Range to Enhance R&D Strength


With the development of mobile communication networks, the global demand for high-performance antennas has been increasing tremendously. The antenna measurement technology and system that are used for antenna performance evaluation are also changing fast, which becomes an important technical support throughout the antenna R&D process.


In 2020, Broadradio has built the world's first indoor near-field antenna test system with 192 probes. The test system has a size of 12 meters * 11 meters * 11 meters. The number of probes is 191+1 reference channel, and the test frequency band is 400MHz-6GHz. It Is the near-field test system with the largest number of probes in the industry. It supports AAS testing. The turntable supports XYZ translation in 3 directions, and the phase center is more accurate. It has been certified by ChinaTTL, with high test accuracy and good stability.

May 2020