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Type of business OEM, ODM Manufacturer etc.
Main Market Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, America
Brand Broadradio
Established in 2010

Broadradio is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high performance antennas and associated RF equipments. Broadradio has been recognized as a high end Base Station antenna supplier by many customers in APAC, EU, MEA, and China.


With two manufacturing factories in Guangzhou and Jieyang city, Broadradios total manufacturing area of 67,000 sq-meters. Along with our representative partners throughout the world, Broadradio has well spanned sales networks with direct sales offices in Singapore, Dubai, and Guangzhou.


Broadradio Technology continues to provide telecom operators with innovative BSA solutions to help them deal with network challenges such as insufficient network capacity, difficult site acquisition, and co-site interference. Our experienced design and development teams and rapid delivery from engineering concept to production continue to provide cost-effective performance enhancement technologies for today's and tomorrow's cellular networks.

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